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Here’s Your First Look At Battlefield 2021 Trailer

Battlefield 2021 is supposedly getting an official reveal later in June but there are many leaks from the trailer so far including audio.

The new Battlefield was supposed to get a reveal this month as per the rumors but that was pushed back and now the game will be announced later in June. Slowly, leaks started to appear from the game early this year with the primary source of the leaks being Tom Henderson. We had leaked screenshots from the trailer that was followed by another dump of screenshots from the trailer showing robotic dogs and a plane crashing on soldiers.

The most recent leak is noteworthy in the sense that it finally gives a short snippet from the reveal trailer. We can see an American-made Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey crashing on soldiers. This was released in the form of multiple screenshots but it has been combined into a single video with audio taken from the leaked sound file.

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Battlefield 6 huge leak

This is the only glimpse in action that we have of Battlefield 2021 so far. For the official reveal, we don’t really have to wait that long since the social media account behind Battlefield has already confirmed that a reveal is due later in June.

Battlefield 2021 will be released for both the last-generation consoles and the current-generation consoles.

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