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Former Shin Megami Tensei Staff Are Working on a New School RPG, Will Be Announced Soon

Some of the ex-staff members who had worked at Atlus on the production and music of Shin Megami Tensei are working on a new school RPG that will be announced soon.

This is according to the latest Famitsu magazine. There were no additional details shared on the project aside from the hint that the initials of these staff members were S, I, M, and N. They no longer work at Atlus while the other developer/publisher and platforms haven’t been announced yet.

This school RPG (tentative) will be announced on June 10 so there is not much time left in the reveal.

The Shin Megami Tensei series is one of the most successful RPGs by Atlus. It has multiple spin-offs including the Persona series which has sold millions of copies worldwide. They are currently working on Shin Megami Tensei V that will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

SMT V still doesn’t have a release date for the Nintendo Switch. The game was expected to release last year but the developers haven’t shared an update on it.

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