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Cities Skylines Mod Compatibility On PC After May 22 Update

Paradox Interactive has shared an update on the support of various mods for Cities Skylines on PC after the release of Patch 1.13.3-f9 today.

In a thread on the Steam forums, the developer shared the following statement regarding the mod support urging the fans not to panic if they use a variety of different mods on PC. They recommend to check the list of mods that are broken since the new update while linking to a Google Docs spreadsheet that names all of them.

If you have the game installed on PC and updated to the latest version, make sure to check out the list in case you use mods. As for those on the console, take a look at the Cities Skylines update 10.04 patch notes to find out the changes and see the details on the new DLCs.

This patch shouldn’t affect too many mods, but some are likely to need updating, meaning your city won’t load/work like it usually does. But don’t worry, most mods update pretty quickly or can safely be removed, so you are unlikely to lose your city.

Just don’t panic and if you do open your save, don’t save over the file – save as a new file instead just to be safe.

If you don’t use any mods from the workshop or have been through patches before you likely know the drill and this post won’t really be useful for you. It’s intended to help players who aren’t used to mods and patches through the update as smoothly as possible. If this is still all new to you and you have questions feel free to ask and I’ll answer them as best as I can.
If you play with a lot of mods
  • Check the list of broken mods below
  • Wait for mods to update – or help see what mods needs updated.
  • Save as a new file if you do open your save! Just in case some smaller issues are discovered later.
Will I be able to continue my old city?

Most likely yes, but it might be a few days depending on what mods you use.

Will ‘insert mod’ be updated?

Most likely yes – a lot of our awesome modders are working hard to get everything up and running again. But some mods will need larger fixes and as modders only have their free time, we might wait a while for some of them. Now is a great time to tell them how much we appreciate their work! And if there are already several comments mentioning the mod is broken, you don’t need to comment. The modder knows and will update when they can.

Which mods are broken?

Loading Screen Mod & Loading Screen Mod [Test] will need updating to load the new content. Disable it if you get any of the new DLCs, otherwise the new content isn’t loaded.

Which mods do I absolutely need to load my city?

I don’t have a complete list, but generally mods that add a network like Network Extensions 2, More Train Tracks, Metro Overhaul Mod, One Way Train Tracks and Extra Train Station Tracks are needed to load a city once you have used the networks they add in your city. If any of these are broken you’ll have to wait for them to be fixed to load your city again. 81 tiles is another mod you’ll need to wait for to be updated if you have used it.

Then there are mods like Traffic Manager: President Edition, any mod that changes population numbers (like Realistic Population and Consumption), Ploppable RICO / Plop the Growables, which you can load your city without, but it’s not a good idea as your city will be chaotic at best and fall apart at worst.

A good way to determine how much you need a mod is to think of what it does. If it makes some big changes to how things work in game, removing it will cause problems. If it’s something that makes things more convenient for you but doesn’t really change how things function once in your city, it isn’t a big deal to get rid of.

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