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The Medium: How Long To Beat The Game

The medium is Microsoft’s first big 2021 exclusives for Xbox Series X|S and PC. Bloober Team is the developer for this game, and it is a third-person horror game. The game’s design is generally linear,  as you explore the Niwa complex and uncover its dark secret. Like the previous titles of the Bloober team have been relatively short, so some players may be wondering how long it takes to beat The Medium. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about The Medium.

How Long To Beat The Medium

It takes around 10-12 hours to beat The Medium. You can grab almost all the collectibles along the way and finish the game within 12 hours. If you want to collect all of the collectibles, including Echoes, Memory Shards, postcards, and letters, you will have to be more careful while exploring Niwa itself. You can often find these collectibles tucked away in corners of rooms, and you can use Marianne’s Insight ability to track down the best-hidden trinkets.

If you just want to complete the main story without grabbing all the collectibles, you will be able to finish the game within 10 hours. But we suggest you find out as many collectibles as you can on your adventure around Niwa, as these add a ton of additional context to the story.

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