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Resident Evil Village Courtyard Items and Treasure and Where To Find Them

In Resident Evil Village, finding courtyard items can be difficult, however, you will be able to clear this area and move on in no time with a little patience. The courtyard is one of Castle Dimitrescu’s larger open-air areas in Resident Evil Village, and there are a lot of places for items to hide. So in this guide, we will tell you how to find all the courtyard items in Resident Evil Village.

How To Find Resident Evil Village Courtyard Items and Treasure

There is nothing to find in Castle’s spire, you will find the majority of the Resident Evil Village’s courtyard treasure on ground level, or under one of the courtyard’s overhangs. Sweep the courtyard from the outside in systematically. There will be some vases you can smash and other items that aren’t too difficult to find.

You will be able to see a Green Herb in the garden area near the center. Collect it, and if you are still recovering from a previous encounter you must heal yourself. After collecting the herb head towards the outskirts of the courtyard and then take a look under the overhang. When you shoot it down, you might find a golden birdcage with 1,000 Lei inside. Lady Dimistrescu can appear and begin chasing you as you explore all of the courtyard item locations.

Luckily, she isn’t that quick, and you will get enough space in the courtyard to outrun her. Runaway and hide a few rooms away until she stops following you, then returns cautiously. You will be able to collect all the Castle Dimitrescu items and turn the marker on your map blue with a little perseverance!

That’s everything you need to know about Courtyard treasure in Resident Evil Village.

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