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Resident Evil Village Baby Monster and How To Escape It

Capcom has just released Resident Evil Village, a new survival horror game for Resident Evil series’ fans. In Resident Evil Village, there are many villains and the Baby Monster is one of them. This villain is going to be the game’s most memorable villain. The Reside Evil series has a long history of terrifying players, and the village is no different. This guide will tell you how you can escape the Baby Monster in Resident Evil Village.

How To Escape Resident Evil Village Baby Monster

A seemingly indestructible and hideous monster-sized fetus chases Winters through the decrepit house during a sequence in RE Village. Players can try anything to get away from this baby nightmare, like crawling under beds and ducking under floorboards.

You will come across an old-fashioned elevator, once you have chased down the giant fetus long enough. Many players will take a sigh of relief after realizing that the fetus will not be able to pursue Ethan down the elevator shaft and finally they can escape the horrors of the baby fetus.

Many players were expecting to be chased by a fetus, however, some of the players who so far enjoyed the village quickly pointed out the baby imagery present in many of the trailers.

That’s everything you need to know about the Baby Monster Villain in Resident Evil Village.

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