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Outriders Death Shield Shotgun and Where To Find It

The core of Outriders, like every other Looter-shooter, is its diverse arsenal. The best example of this is the Death Shield Shotgun. The atmosphere is fine in the last batch of humans battling a different race on an alien planet, but it’s the weapons and abilities that elevate the game. The Death Shield is one such shotgun in the game; few players are aware of it, so you will have an advantage if you have it in your inventory. In this guide, we will tell you how to get the Death Shield in Outriders.

How To Find Outriders Death Shield Shotgun

The Death shield is a legendary-level shotgun. It doesn’t matter which of the four classes you play the legendary-grade weapons make things a lot easier for you. With the increase of each Tier the chances of getting a Legendary-grade weapon also increases. Tier 11 is where players can find the Death Shield. You will get the Death Shield Shotgun as a drop after defeating the final boss in Tier 11.

Death Shield, like any other skin or weapon in Outriders, looks badass. Although we all know that all that glitters isn’t gold, the Death Shield Shotgun is an exception. With a long-range and a reload time of just 2 seconds, the Death Shield is one of the strongest shotguns. Players will have to use high-end armor upgrades to get the most out of the Death Shield.

When you use Death Shield in conjunction with the Fortress mod, you will get a 43% damage bonus from the Death shield. Keep in mind that this isn’t just a weapon damage bonus; you will get a 43 percent bonus on all damage. If you use Striga mod with the Death Shield Shotgun, you will get 50% of the critical damage back as health within a second of recoil time. We suggest that you try out the Death Shield Shotgun with various armors to see which one better suits your needs.