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Outriders Big Iron Quest and Where To Find All Weapon Parts

Big Iron is a quest in Outriders, this quest appears to be very simple at first, but many players get stuck when it comes to finding the three parts of the weapon. During this quest in Outriders, the waypoint marker to navigate through the quest tends to bug out, so in this guide, we will help you fix this bug and tell you where you can find the weapon parts you can get yourself a guaranteed legendary weapon.

Outriders Big Iron Quest Weapon Parts Locations

We will help you in locating all three weapon parts in the Outriders Big Iron quest. The location of these parts is not marked on your map individually and Outriders’ navigation system is extremely difficult to use, so you will get lost easily.

Kill the horde of incoming Perforos once you have entered the Big Iron mission area, then hug the left-hand side of the wall and enter the cave beneath the blue sparkly rocks. Kill more Perforos inside, then exit through the reddish-pink tree on the side. Kill the next wave of Perforos, then head to the cave on the other side. The first weapon part can be found behind some crates and bones, next to more blue sparkly rocks.

To find the second part of the weapon, run through the area until you reach a narrow section with two rocks close together. A wave of enemies will appear-this time it’s calloused Maulers, a couple of Strix, and a Wasteland Behemoth – Kill them all and then continue on the path forward. Hug the area’s right side and enter the first cave on the right, which is hidden under more blue sparkly rocks. You can find the second weapon part next to a corpse at the back.

Continue to run forward until you reach a wide-open wooden gate. There will be a slew of humanoid foes here, so battle your way through them and then kick open the next, smaller wooden doors. Deal with the next group of foes in the village, including a Vanquisher Warlord, before heading to the back of the village, near where a Hunter was attempting to snipe you. You can find the final part of the weapon at the top of the stairs on the left by some very sandy crates.

How To Avoid Missing Quest Markers

Sadly, the Big Iron quest in Outriders is hampered by the game’s weak navigational system. The quest marker bugs out sometimes, to fix this bug you will have to return to the lobby and then jump back into the game, or return to the area you just came from to make sure you have no outstanding objectives or alarms to deal with. However, you can still complete the Big Iron quest if you collect all parts of the weapon and return to Channa to get a guaranteed legendary weapon at the end.