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Outriders Anamoly Power and How To Increase It

In Outriders, creating a top build necessitates using and growing capacity. In this guide, we will tell you how it works and what you can do to improve it.

Enemies can be killed in two ways either with your weapons or your anomaly abilities in Outriders. Sure, slicing a dozen feral creatures in half with the Trickster’s energy blade or filing standard adds and elites with bullet holes until they collapse into pools of carnage works for a while, particularly with some of the rarest weapons, but impaling your foes on the ground spikes from the Devastator or impaling your foes on ground spikes from the Devastator can be far more efficient. However, to get the most out of your anomaly powers, you must first comprehend anomaly power and how to optimize it.

Anomaly Power Explained

Anomaly power determines a statistic known as” Skill Damage Bonus”. The extra direct damage dealt by your outrider’s special abilities and melee attacks is referred to as this. The anomaly power will get higher if you harm your enemies with these attacks.

These incentives only refer to the amount of harm you deal. No other skills of yours will be affected by Higher anomaly power. An ability or skill’s duration or cooldown time cannot be increased or decreased. You can only improve them by mods and the “cooldown Reduction” stat that can be found on some armor.

How To Increase Outriders Anamoly Power

Increasing anomaly power is a simple process. Any piece of armor has a chance of containing an anomaly power attribute. This will either increase or decrease your overall AP stat, depending on your current anomaly power. Any bonuses you receive stack through several pieces of armor, allowing you to mix and match your armor sets to better fit your damage-dealing objectives.

Anomaly power can also be increased with the help of some armor mods in the right circumstances.

After critical shot kills, Aura of Force grants a 10-second AP boost; critstack grants up to five stacks of anomaly strength boost after critical hits, and power from the Ashes grants a bonus after destroying enemies afflicted with ash, to name a few. One of the strongest is Stand Tall.

There are at least 13 total mods that feed anomaly power, some of which are class-specific. Your character’s ability tree contains the final choice for increasing anomaly control. Each class has several upgrade nodes that can be enabled to boost anomaly power, but the exact number depends on the class and branch you choose.

Because each of the four class options has its upgrade tree containing all these nodes, you will have to prepare ahead if you want to use them to boost your Skill Damage. Fortunately, you can respec to a different branch at any time if you have already invested points in one.

In Outriders, damage-dealing abilities are entertaining to use, particularly when the carnage is amplified by anomaly power. You can transform your outrider into a harbinger of super-powered destruction if you map out your ability tree, get the right mods, and make deliberate armor choices to boost this stat.

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