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Nier Replicant Junk Heap and How To Complete It

In Nier Replicant Remaster during Route B of the story, you will return to the Junk Heap area. In this guide, we will tell you about the mission area, and everything else you need to know about  Nier Replicant Act 2 The Junk Heap.

How To Complete Nier Replicant The Junk Heap

Begin Junk Heap by going straight to Gideon’s Forge and then to get Iron Will (Two-handed Sword) as a non-useable weapon, and the Basement 2 Passcode interact with him twice. Go into the Junk Heap factory and take the elevator to the basement on the east side to find B2. On the way to the Basement, you will come across a lot of Turrets. Especially the ones behind the closed door, destroy them all.

A door to the north of the corridor has been blocked by a firewall. You will have to grab a bomb from the turret and detonate it against the barrier to gain entry to the entrance. After removing the barrier, enter the area behind the door and follow the map to the M-shaped area on the far north side of the area. Slowly navigate through the M-shaped area as you make your way through a wave of Robots, being careful not to fall off the surrounding vents.

Continue your search until you find a large door hidden behind a swarm of robots, including one called P-32. Get the Memory alloy by destroying it and then return to Gideon’s forge. Interact with him to obtain the Iron Will that has been restored. Once you have earned it, go to Library and speak with Popola and then return to the Junk Heap for another mission, where you will have to get in a boss fight with P-33.