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NBA 2K21 Best Shooting Badges: Which Are Best Shooting Badges

NBA 2K21 is available now for PS4, Xbox One, PC. If you want to get the best shooting badges, here’s a ranking of the shooting badges available in the game.

These shooting badges can be considered as the best in the game. However, depending on your own playstyle, it can be different. 2K Sports is also working on a fix for the shooting that has led to increased difficulty. It should arrive sometime later on September 6th.

NBA 2K21 Best Shooting Badges: Which Are Best Shooting Badges

NBA 2K21 Best Shooting Badges

Pogo Stick

If you are protecting a shot in basketball, timing is everything. Those who can shot well know that they need to draw the defenders with their fake shot. Yet, on account of Pogo Stick, defenders don’t hesitate to challenge pretty much every shot because of an extremely short reaction time to get again into the air and block shots.

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Contact Finisher

This is great for Slasher builds. It allows more contact dunks and layups can be successful. In-game, this can turn into a must-have for driving the ball, and it can lead to playing into a defensive possession ending a poster.

Giant Slayer

This badge boosts effectiveness when mismatched against taller defenders. It is key to building a slasher that will dominate The Park. It can lead to guards freely challenging bigs in the paint.

Fancy Footwork

Offensive moves have taken over NBA and offense innovated how offense attack the paint from position 1 to 5. Fancy footwork helps in this by enhancing the player’s ability to beat the defense with the same moves. It offers driving animation that is too powerful for defenders.


There are many enforcers in NBA but not many can offense struggle as this badge. It is a must-include for every NBA 2K21 MyPlayer builds.

It increases the chance for other players to miss shots and dunks if you are near them. It is even stronger in action if the user is tightly guarding against them.

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While there are plenty of enforcers in the NBA that can make any offense struggle to produce, this badge is very strong and is a must-include for most NBA 2K21 MyPLAYER builds.

This badge increases the chance that players miss shots and dunks if you’re near them, which is even stronger if you’re tightly guarding them. it is effective in guarding opponents and hence can be incredibly beneficial in the long run.

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