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Miitopia Rock Paper Scissors Trick and How To Win The Game

Players will inevitably run out of gold when they return to Miitopia’s zany world. Although players can farm money through several ways in the game, one of the best ways of making money is the game is Rock Paper Scissors minigame. Players can turn a single game tick into a large amount of gold depending on how far into the game they are, but the best way to do this is a little hazy. In this guide, we will tell you the best way to earn gold in Miitopia by playing the Rock Paper Scissors minigame.

Miitopia Rock Paper Scissors Trick

Players who interacted with the Rock Paper Scissors minigame noticed a pattern in the robot’s behavior when Miitopia first came out for the Nintendo 3DS. The robot makes one of three different hand motions just before the player is tasked to choose their hand. Many players assume that this means what his next hand will be, but this has not been shown to be 100% accurate.

The Rock Paper Scissors game doesn’t need much explanation, however, Miitopia’s version has few main differences from what players are probably used to. For starters, both in the game world and out of it, the opponent is a computer. This means that it has the ability to behave absolutely at random.

There’s also no way to say whether any hands are more likely to occur than others because players can’t dig into the game code. The robot raises the stakes after winning the first round with a double or nothing bet. Players will get twice the amount they bet if they win, however, if they lose, the robot will keep it all.

The robot can choose one of three gestures according to the strategy. The player can pick the weakness of whatever they won the last round with if he points his finger upwards. If he instead makes a pal, the theory suggests that players should choose the same hand that they won the previous round with. Finally, players can choose the strength of whatever they won the previous round with if the robot curls his finger. Players can simply choose the same option again if they somehow get a tie.

Despite the fact that several studies have shown that this theory is not 100 % correct, some players swear by it as a way to improve their win rates. It’s likely that this is just a placebo effect, and that choosing randomly will result in the same chances of winning, or that this approach simply taps into the programming of the Rock Paper Scissors game. There’s no way to say without reading the code.

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