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Hitman 3 Safe Codes and Keypad Codes For All Levels

If you are looking for Hitman 3 safe code you have come to the right place.  You will come across many of these while playing the game. You will have to open these safes to complete missions. So it’s worth figuring these safe codes out. But if you don’t want to waste your time you can check below. In this guide, we will tell you each safe code of Hitman 3 we have found so far.

All Hitman 3 Safe and Keypad Codes

Dubai Safe and Keypad Codes

Floor 00: Staff area and Atrium door code

The code is the same for both doors on Floor 00 and you can find it written on a whiteboard in the meeting room. 4706 is the code.

Floors 02 and 03: Security Room Safe

Security rooms on both floors have the same safe codes. You will find an Evacuation Keycard in each security room that you can use on the penthouses on Floors 04 and 05. 6927 is the code for both safes.

Floor 05: Penthouse guest bedroom safe

You will find this room on the second floor of the penthouse. 7465 is the safe code.

Dartmoor Safe code

Alexa Carlisle’s Office safe

You will find this safe inside Alexa’s office on the second floor. To get to the safe you will have to find and press the button located on her chair. You can find the clue above the save. 1975 is the safe code.

Chongqing Safe and Keypad codes

Container door to ICA Facility entrance

You will be able to find this code by listening in to a conversation between some people outside. 0118 is the code.

Floor 02: ICA apartment door

If you want to find the code you will have to climb into the apartment from the roof and then you can hear it on the answering machine. The code is the same as the one above. 0118 is the code.

Floor 01: Laundromat door

The code is the same as the two codes mentioned above. 0118 is the Code.

Floor 04: Benchmark Lab door

You will find this door on the same floor as ‘Hush’. You can find the code written on the whiteboard on the top floor. 2552 is the code.

Floor 05: Therapy Room door

The code is the same as the door above. You will find this door inside Hush’s Private Lab. 2552 is the Code.

Floor 00: Arcade door

The code is the same as the two above mentioned doors. You will find this arcade door on Floor 00. 2552 is the code.

Mendoza safe and Keypad codes

Laser System door

You will need this door code to shut down the Laser system and access the Wine Fridge. The code is on the Wine label. 1945 is the code.

Villa Basement Safe

You will have to do a little bit of detective work to find this code.  First, you will have to spy on the guards outside, and they will mention that the safe code is the year the couple got married. Find the current year through the calendar, 2021 is the current year and the couple is celebrating their 15th anniversary so it means that 2006 is the safe code.

Carpathian Mountains Keypad Code

Start of mission door

This door is located at the start of the mission in the Carpathian Mountains. You can find this code easily because it is located on the poster next to it. 1979 is the code.

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