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GTA V Cayo Perico Points of Interest and What To Do?

The latest update of GTA Online has arrived on 15 December on PS4, PC, and Xbox One and This update include “The Cayo Perico Heist” along with the various point of interest (POI) to search across the new map.

After the introduction of the island, you can straight go into the heist or you can also grab all POIs to get more options to snatch great loot. In this guide, we will tell you about all the point of interest locations in Cayo Perico Heist, Some of these items are not really required but we have mentioned everything in this guide.

All GTA V Cayo Perico Points of Interest

There are five points of interest in The Cayo Perico Heist, including a control tower, power station, supply truck, guard clothes, grappling equipment, and bolt cutters. You will find the first three items nearby each other but to find four-bolt cutters, guard clothes, and grappling equipment you will have to look across the island. Below we have mentioned the location of each item and you must take a photograph once you discover a point of interest.

Control Tower:

You will see the control tower after you land on the island, the control tower is located on the airport and it is clearly visible. Take out your phone and take a picture to register the POI. A control tower can be used to disable air defense.

Power Station:

You will find the power station near the airport. The power station is located on the end of a small road on the side below the landing strip.

Supply Truck:

You will find the truck parked between the huts and small houses. Just take a photo to register the POI.

Bolt Cutters:

You will have to find four-bolt cutters and they are randomly spread in the new heist and for each player, their location will be a little bit different. So if you are facing difficulty in finding the items, you must take a photograph of the area, even if you are standing 50 to 100m away from the bolt cutter it will work because the bolt cutters are not completely visible to work.

You will always find a bolt cutter near a red toolbox. We spotted the cutters on top of plywood near a tower, a table in a workshop at the airport, and near the canal. Some other players found the cutters near a building in the wheat fields.

Grappling equipment:

Grappling hooks are the hardest ones to find. We spotted two of the grappling hooks, they were inside huge bags with ropes connected to them.

We found one underneath a sniper tower and the other one under the stairs of a lighthouse.

There’s a grappling hook near the crane on the ground and also on the airfields on the broker boats. Take a car to the airport and go to the end of the runway by the docks and on wheat fields to find Grappling hooks.

Guard Clothing:

Guard clothing is also spawned in random locations. Whenever you find a POI you must look around the area because some items are located in the same area. The guard clothing crate can be located easily after you find the supply truck. You can also find the crate of Guard clothing under a sniper tower, at the end of a dock, in the warehouses, and also on the airfields. Check the buildings also to find one but be careful not to get caught.

So let me tell you again that for each player the locations are different but through this guide, you may find these items easily and you must take a photograph whenever you find a point of interest even if you are standing 50 to 100 m away to register it.

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