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Godfall Augments Explained: How To Best Use Augments For Skills and Abilities

In Godfall there are different armor sets that you can equip,  known as vaporplates. Each of the valorplates has its unique ability and stats. There are augment slots in valorplates. These augment slots will let you equip new abilities to your armor.

Skills can be added by you that praise your valorplate’s playstyle or nullify its weakness. For example, you can heal you and your allies whenever you hit by an enemy’s weak point by adding an augment in your valorplate, or you can summon deadly magical missiles and damage the nearby enemies targets for soft AoE damage by inserting a different Augment in your valorplate.


There is an Augment Constellation in your Valorplates in the game. Your armor’s characteristics can be boosted on this grid. Various colors built the constellation grid, and each of the colors stands for one of the 3 character attributes; Might, Vitality, and Spirit. There are more or fewer slots for a specific color in your Valorplates, each one of these boost characteristics which are associated with it.


Only the red augments can be placed in the red slots. Might character attributes are associated with these slots, which increases your DPS.


Only the green augments can be placed in this green slot. Vitality character attributes are associated with these slots, which will make you tanky.


Only the blue augment can be placed in the blue slots. Spirit character attributes are associated with these slots, which increases unique Damage sources and your cooldown.


Any type of augmenting can be placed in the white slot. Red, Green, or Blue. You can further increase your character’s strength or minimize their weaknesses this way.


One of the characteristics is boosted by these constellation augments and they have a drain value: Might, Spirit, or Vitality. The values will be more elaborated when you focus on the augment itself or you can see these values in the item overview. The type of boost is represented by the image and the rarity by an icon in the augment grid. Augments come with primary and secondary attributes.

  • Triangle = Uncommon
  • Diamond = Rare
  • Pentagon = Epic
  • Hexagon = Legendary

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