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Genshin Impact Blue Creature Photo: How To Get a Blue Photo

It’s the Second Day of the Five Flushes of Fortune event, and today’s task is to capture a blue creature in Genshin Impact. In the Genshin Impact kamera event, we need to use our fancy new tech to picture a blue critter roaming Teyvat.

This event will only last for ten days, but you will only be able to use your camera for seven days so you must check in each day to see the next objective and get maximum rewards. In this guide, we will help you to complete the blue photo objective.

How To Get Genshin Impact Blue Creature Photo

So let’s assume that you are at rank 20 and started the quest by talking to Ji Tong in Liyue Harbor, so you are ready to get your picture. You will have to take photographs of blue creatures to complete the second objective of the Five Flushes of Fortune event. The difference is that in this objective you will have to look for sentient beings, rather than red items such as plants and fruit you were looking for previously.

You will have to find blue creatures, that are Hydro and Cryo life forms, you can find these latter being all over the new Genshin Impact Dragonspine region. These creatures can easily be found along the beach northeast of Liyue Harbor. You will find here Cryo and Hydro Slimes which count as a ‘blue creature’.

So Open your Gadget menu and equip the Kurious Kamera, and target the slimes. The Kurious Kamera will automatically capture the creature if it counts. Keep looking for qualifying creatures and shooting them until you have used all the ten films you get for your daily task.

Note, it is better to keep a distance when you approach a creature to get a perfect shot. If you aggro them and they deal you damage, your camera will be blurred. You must play it stealthily to get the photos you need, and the rewards you want.

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