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Fortnite Soccer Players: How To Unlock Neymar Jr and Complete All Challenges

The new season of Fortnite allows players to become a digital representation of the Brazillian international and PSG forward as part of Chapter 2 Season 6. You will have to complete the five-quest challenge to choose Neymar’s skin, and complete other challenges to unlock his alternate outfit and other items. When you know where to go and what to do, unlocking him isn’t all that difficult.

To begin, you will have to look for the soccer player NPCs on the Fortnite map. The game has many soccer players, and if you will talk with even one of them, a few things will be unlocked. You will get more swag and a new outfit if you complete quests for them.

So in this guide, we will tell you about all Neymar Jr’s Challenges, as well as the locations of all soccer players and how to score a goal with the soccer ball toy. We will also tell you how to kick far enough to get all of his unlockables, including the emote “shh” which turns him into a “primal” form.

All Soccer Players Locations In Fortnite

You can find the soccer players on the following locations:

  • Holly Hedges
  • Pleasant Park
  • Dirty Docks

You will get the Neymar Jr banner and, more importantly, the soccer ball toy emotes by talking to any soccer player once. You will have to complete a few other challenges also. You should start taking quests from soccer players once you have found one.

You can unlock the Neymar Jr-themed Madator loading screen by completing three of them, and by completing five of them Neymar Jr outfit will be unlocked.

If you want to get an emote that turns Neymar Jr into his “primal form,” you will have to eliminate three players in any game type as Neymar Jr.

How to Score a Goal With The Soccer Ball Toy in Fortnite

Equip the soccer ball emote toy and the Neymar Jr costume and then head south of Pleasant Park to the soccer field to complete this challenge. To score a goal, stand in front of the goal and use the emote. If Holly Hedges is too crowded, there is also a target to the east of it.

How to Drop Kick The Soccer Ball Toy 500 Meters

Since the toy’s default range isn’t all that high, you’d think this challenge would be difficult. But this Fortnite, and Fortnite is known for one thing: erecting huge impenetrable towers. Craft a huge tower of power by gathering enough material, then use the toy emote at the summit while wearing the Neymar Jr skin to kick the soccer ball into the horizon.

That’s everything you need to know about getting Neymar Jr in Fortnite.

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