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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Trophies and How To Unlock Them

Final Fantasy VII Remake is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix. It was released in 2020 and it’s the first of a planned series of games based on Final Fantasy VII, a PlayStation game released in 1997. Players take control of mercenary Cloud Strife in the dystopian cyberpunk metropolis of Midgar. He joins AVALANCHE, an eco-terrorist organization attempting to prevent Shinra, a powerful megacorporation, from utilizing the planet’s life force as a source of energy. Real-time action combined with strategic and role-playing elements in the gameplay.

In April 2020, the PS4 version of the game was released. Critics praised the game’s fidelity to the original 1997 game’s story and narrative while expanding on it. Strategic aspects and visual embellishments were lauded in the revamped battle system. Final Fantasy VII Remake became one of the best-selling PS4 games, selling over 3.5 million copies in three days and a total of five million by august. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, an upgraded version for the PlayStation 5, will be released in June 2021. 

In this guide, we have compiled a list of all the trophies/achievements and how to unlock them in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Trophies/Achievements

Here is the list of all the trophies/achievements that players can unlock in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade:


How to Unlock

Master of Fate


Onetime Gig

Complete Chapter 1.

Escape Artist

Complete Chapter 2.

Mercenary Endeavors

Complete Chapter 3.

Night on the Town

Complete Chapter 4.

Plan E

Complete Chapter 5.

Lights Out

Complete Chapter 6.

Trapped like Sewer Rats

Complete Chapter 7.


Complete Chapter 8.

Never the Bride

Complete Chapter 9.

Sewer Survivor

Complete Chapter 10.

Paranormal Investigator

Complete Chapter 11.

The Collapse

Complete Chapter 12.

Broken Dreams

Complete Chapter 13.

Picking Up the Pieces

Complete Chapter 14.

The Pizza in the Sky

Complete Chapter 15.

No Appointment Needed

Complete Chapter 16.

Emerging from Chaos

Complete Chapter 17.

Destiny’s Crossroads

Complete Chapter 18.

Warming Up

Win a battle.

Weakened Resolve

Exploit an enemy’s weakness.

Bonds of Friendship

Free a bound ally.

Staggering Start

Stagger an enemy.

Music Collector

Collect 3 music discs.

Gotta Start Somewhere

Complete a quest.

My First Ability

Max out a weapon’s proficiency.

Materia for Beginners

Level up an orb of materia.

My First Summon

Invoke a summon.

Biker Boy

Get praised by Jessie at the end of the motorcycle mini-game.

Heavenly Dart Player

Rise to the top of the Seventh Heaven darts leaderboard.

Cleanup Crew

Obtain the Chocobo & Moogle materia.

In Lockstep

Bypass the delta-level security lock in Mako Reactor 5.

Crate Annihilator

Complete all Normal difficulty Whack-a-Box challenges.

Say It with Flowers

Decorate the Leaf House with a floral arrangement.

Summon Slayer

Defeat a summon in battle.

Sultan of Squat

Complete all squat challenges.

Dancing Queen

Received a gift from Andrea for being a dance superstar.

Returning Champion

Emerge victorious from a colosseum sparring session.

Snappy Dresser

Obtain three bridal candidate outfits.

Dressed to the Nines

Obtain all nine bridal candidate outfits.

Whack-a-Box Wunderkind

Complete all Hard difficulty Whack-a-Box challenges.

Peeress of Pull-Ups

Complete all pull-up challenges.

Divine Gratitude

Receive a letter from an angel.

The Johnny Experience

Witness all Johnny-related incidents.

Best in the Business

Complete all quests.

Disc Jockey

Collect all music discs.

Building Character

Attain level 50 with a character.

Staggering Feat

Deal 300% damage to a staggered enemy.

Intelligence Agent

Complete all battle intel reports.

Weapons Expert

Learn all weapon abilities.

Master of Mimicry

Learn all enemy skills.

That’s the Smell

Defeat a malboro.

Ultimate Weapon

Defeat the Pride and Joy prototype.

Hardened Veteran

Complete all chapters on Hard difficulty.

  • Intermission DLC Trophies/Achievements:
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How to unlock

Takes Two IDs to Tango

Complete Chapter 1 of INTERmission.

Out of Darkness’s Clutches

Complete Chapter 2 of INTERmission.

The Road to Revenge

Complete both chapters of INTERmission on Hard difficulty.


Collect all the Happy Turtle flyers.

Game, Set, Master

Become the Fort Condor grandmaster.

Condor Queen

Become the Fort Condor grandmaster on Hard difficulty.

Materia Maven

Obtain all materia available from Shinra Box Buster challenges.

Ultimate Weapon 2.0

Defeat the Pride and Joy Mk 0.5.

Corrupter of the Immaculate

Defeat Weiss.

These are all the 63 trophies/achievements that players can unlock in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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