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Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt Braindance Sequence Solution

There are many jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 in which you have to find clues in a braindance sequence. These parts of the jobs are most difficult because there are specific timeframes in which you can scan the clue only, and you might have to check between multiple layers. So in this guide, we will tell you about Braindance in Cyberpunk 2077.

How To Solve Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt Braindance?

After you meet with River Ward in the “ I Fought the Law” Side job, you will be contacted again by him in the future for some help. He will give you a side job “ The Hunt” in which you will have to find River’s nephew who was abducted by a psychotic serial killer. There are two braindance sections in this side job, and the second section is a little bit challenging.

First Section of Braindance – School Scene

This braindance has only one clue. The trophy out in the hallway at 01:22.

After you find the trophy, You will get into the second section of braindance and it is the most difficult braindance of the quest.

Second Section of Braindance – Farm Scene

This braindance has multiple clues, and we will tell you about them in order as they appear.

First, at 0:27 you will have to locate the Solar panel.

At the top of the doorway, you will find a Clock, the Electronic Parts across the doorway, and you will find the Fuel Barrels across from the parts at 0:32.

To find the only audio clue you will have to move slightly forward to 0:32. Switch to your audio View and look up the roof.

You will find some Victims on the tables and to the left a Computer and Fonc Certificate at 0:48.

Then you can scan the Infusion Pumps and The Sign above the farm building entrance and the main Victim on the floor at 0:56.

Lastly, look outside the farm door and scan the tower lights in the back at 01:18.

Once you found and scanned all these objectives the braindance sequence will be finished.

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