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Cyberpunk 2077 Space Oddity Exploit: How To Easily Make a Lot of Eddies (Cash)

There are so many ways for V the mercenary (male, female, or otherwise) to earn cash in Cyberpunk 2077. You can earn cash through Completing story missions, side missions, by doing NCPD gigs from Regina Jones and random quests.

There’s a particular quest in Cyberpunk 2077 also, like other open-world games, where you can earn a lot of cash in minutes. In this guide, we will tell you how you can earn $1 million in minutes by doing the same thing.

Cyberpunk 2077 Space Oddity Side Quest Exploit

You will find this side quest at Santa Domingo on the bottom right of Night city. To complete this quest you will have to talk to the bums, and then open the laptop they left behind, you will have to hack the computer and access the “launch.exe” file in the laptop. ( You will need 9 points in Tech Trait)

This will trigger a drop point on your map. Go to the drop point and kill all the enemies in the area, there you will find a purple capsule, inside the capsule, there will be a rare painting that you can sell-off.

Then find any dropbox in Night City and make a save in a different slot in case of the game bugs out on you.

Sell off the painting for $4,000 by using dropbox, then exit from the dropbox menu and go backward and then go to dropbox again and buy off the painting for $5. This is how you will get a profit of $3,995. Repeat the process again and again until dropbox runs out of money. Once the dropbox is out of money use the Skip feature to skip 24 hours, the dropbox will automatically fill with more cash again or you can find another dropbox in Night City and repeat the process. But once you are finished with making money through it keep the painting in your inventory.

So doing this you will have a million-dollar to spend in Night City if your game doesn’t glitch out or crash. Spend this money by buying exotic cyber cars and paying off Joytoys.

In the future, there’s a chance that CD Projekt will patch this exploit out so it’s better to do it now before it’s gone.

Epic Char Incendiary Grenade Exploit

You will need 12 points in your Tech trait and also unlock the Mechanic and Grease Monkey Perk for this Eddie farming technique. Through this technique, you can net more items from disassembling something and you can craft unique items also.

Go to Santa Domingo and craft grenades. You will need one common and one uncommon component to craft the epic grenade. You can get these components by disassembling your redundant weapons and gear or you can find them all across Night City. Once you are done with crafting Epic Grenades, disassemble them.

You will get Epic Crafting components by disassembling your Epic Char Grenades. Sell these epic components for profit and repeat it again to earn cash.

I Walk The Line Main Quest Glitch

You will have to be at a particular point in the game’s main story for this money-making tactic.

In the game’s main story, there is a mission called “I Walk The Line”, in this quest you will have to jack into a van by infiltrating an abandoned mall, and then you will have to fight with a Jacked up Animal gang member known as Sasquatch.

Once you defeat her, a prompt will appear that lets you answer “ I think she’s had enough”. By accepting it and killing her you will get a bounty of $30,000. After you get the bounty, make a new save file.

Load that file and somehow she will be alive again but she will be glitched out. She will either be standing and looking into space, or she will be lying on the ground but still alive. Kill her again to get the bounty. Do this process again and again to get money.

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