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Cyberpunk 2077 Sinnerman Quest and How To Complete It

The Sinnerman line of quests in Cyberpunk 2077 will began after you get a call from Wakako not long after you complete his last job.

Wakako will ask you to collect a hit that’s been put on someone, and he offers to pay well for the hit. Johnny thinks the job stinks but just accept the job and go meet with the client.

Go to the map marker to meet Bill Jablonsky.

How To Complete Cyberpunk 2077 Sinnerman Quest

If you go early, you will find Bill sitting on the bench on the street corner of MLK and Brandon make contact with him and approach his car after the time skip. He will tell you that the target’s a murderer and his name is Joshua Stephenson. While sitting inside the truck, you can grill Bill for more information and you will come to know that he murdered his wife. Then you can comment with your 12 intelligence that how the plan sounds half-baked. He will tell you that he’s spending his whole life saving by contacting you for help and then you will be thrown into a car chase with other vehicles without any warning. Stick on the trail and they will stop eventually. Then get out with to confront the Killer.

As you will go near them you will find out that it’s the NCPD transporting Stephenson.

There a couple of choices you have here,  which are:

  • You can let the scene play out. The officer will shoot Bill, and then you can talk to Joshua. The quest is supposed to go this way.
  • The Second Option is that you can shoot the cooper and everyone he’s in the car with when Bill hits the deck. The quest will end here and you will get a payout from Wakako for “completing” the job.
  • Finally, the third option is that you can rush out of the car and shoot everyone before they shoot Bill. We don’t know for sure that it’s possible or not. But the police officer has a huge amount of health, and more police will appear out of nowhere, and they will kill you if you try this option.

If you choose the second option and kill everyone you will only get 5k and nothing else.

If you choose to speak to Joshua. He will ask you to go with him to continue the quest. Before joining him in the dispatch car you must try to get a handle on what’s going on with the dialogue options.

His companions, Rachel and Vasquez, aren’t happy to take you with them, but just hop inside the back of the car and you will start to get the gist from Joshua.

You will get an offer from him to get pay for staying with him for the day. If you want to continue the questline accept his offer.

Sinnerman quest will finish when the ends ride and a new quest will begin.

Cyberpunk 2077 There is a Light that Never Goes Out Quest

Follow Joshua into the mysterious house. You will find Zuleikha at the door, try to talk to her and ask what’s going on- but no one will really tell you anything.

During the conversations, you can reply as you like about God, and it will turn out that Joshua wants to turn his own crucifixion into a BD as amends for all the murders he committed in the past.

He hopes that others will be inspired to “redemption” by his Christ-like sacrifice and the BD studio Rachel works for has Sprung him from the prison so that they have exclusive rights.

Return to the car, after the exchange and then talk to him about how Zuleikha’s mother won’t forgive him, then about the crucifixion- you can answer him as you wish. You can either choose to discourage him with the angle that the studio is using him for controversial profit, or you can egg him.

After the end of the ride,  talk to Rachel about Joshua in the parking lot of the diner. She’s cynical as ever, so give your honest opinions.

If you discouraged Joshua, You will be offered by Rachel to get a double fee for walking away from it. Johnny doesn’t like giving in to corpo’s and neither do you, If you want to keep the quest going refuse the offer.

You can dig out what dirt the studio has on Vasquez with 12 reflexes. In the complete series of conversations, you can carry one whatever started before finishing proceeding by talking to johnny.

Johnny sees that the whole situation is a textbook case of corporate exploitation.

This will bring the quest to an end but to go to the next part: They Won’t Go When I Go you will have to complete some other jobs.

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