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Cyberpunk 2077 Play It Safe Mission: How To Save Takemura

In one of the Cyberpunk 2077 story missions, there is a hidden objective that you might not even know about. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete it. There are some spoilers in this guide about one of the story quests in Cyberpunk 2077.

As you work through Act 2 in Cyberpunk 2077, the stakes get raised significantly. After V acquires the biochip and finds Johnny Silverhand in their head, You will go on a journey to find out everything you can about the chip and how to get rid of the chip before it kills you. During the investigation of the chip, you will have to go down several avenues, and you will also have to work with Goro Takemura, a former Arasaka bodyguard.

You and Takemura will spend a lot of time together as you investigate Araska and try to get in touch with the Corporate Brass, without getting killed. But then things will take a turn eventually and during the main story mission “Play it Safe” you will be separated from Takemura. When both of you will be attacked during a meeting in an apartment building, V will fall from the collapsed floor and you will be separated from Takemura. You will have a choice here, whether you can run for your life, or you can go back to Takemura and save him from enemies.

Here we will tell you how you can get back to Goro and save his life.

How to Save Takemura In Cyberpunk 2077

Towards the end of the Play It Safe mission, Arasaka goons will attack Takemura’s Safehouse after you meet with Hanako Arasaka. An explosion will collapse the part of the building underneath V at the start of the battle, and V will be sprawling to the floor below. At that point, Johnny will force you to leave the building, while V will say that he needs to return to Takemura to save him.

Going back to Takemura is a hidden objective, and it is not marked on your map. You will have to find the path yourself and if you follow the marker on the minimap you will be directed out of the building and you will not be able to save Takemura.

There is a path that will take you back up to the above to help Takemura, but it’s a difficult one. The easiest way to go back to Takemura is by climbing up through you fell down and for that, you will need Reinforced Tendons Cyberware (which awards double jump) or Fortified Ankles ( which gives you a charged jump). If you don’t have any of these, then you will have to fight through a lot of enemies. In the room where you fell, look for a neon cross on the wall. Beneath the neon cross, you will find a hole through which you can crawl. Go through the path and then look for the stairs that will take you back up to the floor above, and also be careful of the Araska Goons you will face along the way.

There will be several Arasaka soldiers in the apartment where you find Takemura, they will be firing on him. If you come back up through the hole you will have a benefit to approach them from behind and takedowns on them. Otherwise, you will have to fight with them head to head as you go back to Takemura’s apartment. Kill all the three Soldiers and then Takemura will go back with you into the hallway.

Note: (The whole area is very buggy, sometimes Takemura gets stuck in his cover position during this fight and it looks like, if you progress far enough he will follow you but it’s better to make a save before going back to save Takemura).

After that Arasaka soldier will attack you both all the way to the exit. As you leave the apartment you will be attacked by enemies from both sides of the hallway. If you have a lot of grenades, you can get them down easily down the hall. If you have strong Quickhacks like Contagion, it will be very helpful for you as you can kill multiple enemies at once. Arasaka will keep coming for you so stay behind cover and keep moving through the apartment building to escape. Takemura will also be more useful to you, he will help you to fight the Araskas in the stairwell. It’s not too far to get out of the building as soon as you see daylight run for it. After you get out of the building Takemura will split up with you but he will contact you later and tell you that he’s doing well.

You won’t be able to spend more time with Takemura after saving him. He will go into hiding for the rest of the game and you will have to deal with everything else yourself. But saving him will affect the ending of the game. However, Takemura will appear in the epilogue depending on your choices, which can earn a Trophy “The Devil” for saving him.

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