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Cyberpunk 2077 Human Nature Quest: How To Unlock Ability To Summon a Car

In Cyberpunk 2077 you will meet Delamain AI core early and later you will be tasked to find his divergent Robo taxi children. Once you find the Robo taxi children in Cyberpunk 2077, you and Delamain Core will have a choice to make a tricky decision about his future. So in this guide, we will tell you which is the best choice and what reward you will get by making the best choice in the Delamain Epistrophy job in Cyberpunk 2077.

You will first meet with Delamain at the start of the game during the Heist mission with Jackie. At the time of your first encounter with Delamain, he will be just a capable AI running a prestigious car service. Later in the game, during the mission “Human Nature”, you will meet him again when a divergent AI taxi wrecks your car. He will apologize to you and call you into his headquarters by a message.

How To Complete The Delamain Epistrophy Mission In Cyberpunk 2077

When you will meet Delamain he will take you to his control room and explain that a number of his AI taxis are currently lost in the city. You will be given a task to find and return them, there are seven rogue AI taxis in total and you will get a payment for recovering each one of them. Each one will appear as a separate mission in your journal so that you can track them individually to find the general area you need to search.

You can find them in the following areas.

  • The Glen
  • Badlands
  • Northside
  • Rancho Coronado
  • North Oak
  • Coastview
  • Wellspring

It’s not tricky to find them, just go to the highlighted area on the map and a marker will pop up when you will get close enough. You will also be notified by Delamin when you are close to a taxi. Drive up to the car when you find one to trigger the next stage. There’s a lot of things that can happen when you go near them, Some of the taxi drivers will try to escape and you will have to chase them, some will have a task and a few will need to be talked to. You will have to just follow the prompts and then the taxi will go back to HQ and you will be paid by Delamain for all of your troubles.

How To Complete Delamain Don’t Lose Your Mind Mission

A little while after you return all the Delamain AI, you will be contacted by Delamain again, he will tell you that he is in trouble because of a virus. When you go back to his HQ you will see that all the automated machinery has gone wild. You will have to pass some gauntlet of lasers and attacking drones to go to the control room. It’s up to you that if you want to take a long way around or not.

After you reach the control room, three options will be given to you relating to fixing the Delamain core: You can reset it and Delamain to the factory settings, destroy it and free the different AIs, or you can merge all the Delamain AIs.

Below we will tell you what each option will get you:

If You Reset the core to restore the original Delamain

If you Reset Delamain, all of his alt personalities will be destroyed and he will go back to his factory settings. He won’t remember anything that you have experienced with him so far, But you will get a car from him as a gift from the Delamain fleet. When you will drive around in it later, he will ask questions from you to learn more about human nature. If you will offer to help him some pretty comical dialogue will open up as you drive around Night City.

If You Destroy the core to liberate the divergent Delamains

If you Shoot the core, the main Delamain personality will be destroyed and all the other AI will escape the garage and drive around Night City, but there will be one vehicle left for you in the garage. When you get in the vehicle, you will find that the AI in this vehicle is Excelsior. Earlier in the story, Excelsior was the VIP program that saved your life.

You can keep this taxi and it will be added to your stash of vehicles.

If You Hack the core to merge all of the Delamains (requires 10 Intelligence)

If you hack the Delamain core, he will ascend to the higher state of being. He will leave saying that he has to go home and he can no longer live in this City. He will leave you his ‘first true child’, a Delamain taxi of your own with a Delamain Jr AI inside as a gift in return for your help.

Essentially, whatever happens, you will get cash for each taxi you find, another bigger payout in the end, and a car that you can summon whenever you want as a reward for completing the Delamain Epistrophy mission thread. Only the personality of the car will change, whether or not you please or upset johnny.

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