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Cyberpunk 2077: How To Request For a Refund On PS4 or Xbox One

The early review copies of Cyberpunk 2077 were made for PC only and it looks like there’s a reason for it. The game doesn’t run well on standard PS4 and Xbox One Console even after the day one patch, and according to the developers, the small and big patches are under work. So in the meantime, you might want to get your money back. Many players are regretting the purchase of Cyberpunk 2077 and they want to get a refund, so in this guide, we will tell you how can you get a refund for digital PS4 or Xbox One games.

How can you request a Refund for a Digital Playstation Game:

If you want to request a refund from the Playstation store, you will have to visit Sony’s refund request page. On the page, you can connect with the Refund Chatbot, which is a digital assistant that will tell you that you are eligible for a refund or not in a question.

If you have downloaded the game, you might not get a refund. Many people’s refunds have been denied due to this issue, and you can only request a refund within 14 days of your purchase.

How can you request a Refund for a Digital Xbox Game:

If you want to request a refund for a digital Xbox game, Go visit Microsoft Refund Page. Same as the Playstation Store, You can only have a refund within 14 days of your purchase. If you have purchased a Hard copy of the game, it is suggested by CD Projekt Red that you can try to return it to the retailer from whom you purchased it. If they don’t do it then you can seek assistance by sending an email to [email protected]. The company says that we will “ do our best to help you”. You can contact them for a week up until December 21st, 2020.

There are plenty of bugs of all kinds appearing in Cyberpunk 2077 on the base PS4 and Xbox One. These bugs include problems with NPC pathfinding, missing textures, body parts sticking out of clothes, and many more.

Regarding these issues, the developer said it will release updates “frequently whenever new improvements are ready”. The developer also said that work on two larger patches is ongoing and one of them is expected to arrive in January and the second patch in February.

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