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Cyberpunk 2077 Ghost Town Quest: How To Deal With Nash?

Ghost Town is the main quest in Cyberpunk 2077. In this guide, we will tell you about all the available choices in Ghost Town, how can you get the best possible results, tips and strategies for the quest, and all the possible rewards you can get in this quest.

How To Unlock Ghost Town In Cyberpunk 2077?

You can unlock the Ghost Town quest by completing the Playing For Time quest.

To begin, go to the Afterlife and get inside. You will find rogue on the other end of the bar, speak with her. To request her services you will need 15000 eddies, so if you are short on cash go do some gigs or side quests.

After you pay rogue for her services, you will have to wait for her. Then speak with Rogue again. Go ahead and take that shot, you have earned it, and also take the shard to find out what you will have to do next.

Call Panam and then meet with her in Rancho Coronado. You will have to talk to her and then get inside the car to continue the conversation. Then skip the car ride when you are ready.

When you arrive at your destination speak with Panam’s friends and then you will have to go with Panam to get some gear then take it back to the car.

You will go on another ride to Rocky Ridge. Scan the few things by looking around and then talk to Panam again. Scan the Transformer nearby so that you can power the area.

After you speak again with Panam, go and wait by the transformer. Hook up the car to the transformer then go inside the building nearby. If you don’t have 8 points in your Body to force open the door then break the glass. On the wall, there will be a panel, use it to activate the fusebox.

Exit the building and go up to the roof. Get in position and wait for your targets to arrive. After you turn on the light, follow the marker with Panam’s key to the Raffen. You can stealth your way over or you can take everyone out. Use the key to take out the Raffen. It’s your choice that you want to take out the rest or leave it. Either way, get in the car and drive out of there.

Now it’s up to you that you want to help Panam out dealing with Nash or not. Agree to take out Panam and then Panam will drive you to the hideout. Speak with Panam after Nash and his men are down. You will then go to sunset Motel for Panam to do her deal. You will have to cover Panam during the deal. Go get a drink with Panam and then get a room together to close out the quest.

Get out of your car to cover Panam during the deal. Wait for Panam to get off the phone. Go with Panam for a drink. After that, she will leave and the quest will end.

Best Choices of Ghost Town Quest

    Choice 1 – Nash

  • Option 1 – Deal With Nash

If you choose to help Panam out and take out Nash and his men the quest will proceed like before, but if you are playing a male character you will get some points towards doing romance with her. Rogue will send you an annoying message but it will not affect anything.

  • Option 2 – Don’t Deal With Nash

If you don’t deal with Nash, you won’t be able to do romance with Panam, but still, you will be doing her side quests.

  • Best Choice:

Dealing with Nash is the best choice even if you are playing as a female character because you will get some extra loot and exp from the shootout. Rogue’s response has no impact on the future so there is no reason not to do it.

Take out the two net runners as soon as possible during the fight with Nash because their overheat ability that set you on fire will cause trouble for you.

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