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Black Ops Cold War Floppy Disk and How To Decrypt It

So the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold war is officially launched, and it’s time to blow everything up and to shoot around with a bunch of guns. The new entry has taken the Call of Duty experience to a new level, by including a new campaign, weapons, maps, multiplayer, gadgets, killstreaks, and zombie maps for players to enjoy. There is a new warzone fusing with Modern Warfare’s so that all of your characters, weapons, and progress carry over. In this entry, it is very important to obtain all collectible and read all the various bits of lore that are scattered across the map, because it will unlock many new optional missions for you to complete.

You will have to find three key pieces of evidence and will have to decrypt many codes from the information you have collected before you can embark on Operation Chaos. Decrypting the codes will be very tricky as there are several different codes, so in this guide, we will tell you what to look for when solving each of them.

How To Decrypt the Floppy Disk in Black Ops Cold War

Solving The Passphrase

You will have to start with the grid numbers in red and blue, in order to decrypt the passphrase. Just ignore all the jargons and symbols on the paper because they don’t matter at all. Concentrate on the row of number and the two? spaces. First, you will have to break the blue and red numbers into two separate groups, they don’t have any correlation with one another. So as we can see in the picture above that for the blue question mark space, only 72, 78, 81, and 84 are needed to find out what’s missing. After you isolated these numbers, look for a pattern between the ones available. By looking at the pattern we can see that the numbers are ascending by adding three. This info tells us that the missing number is 75. Do the same for Red ? space to figure out what is missing in the group of red numbers.

After you figure both blue and red missing numbers, just go to the Numbers Station to find out the city with your missing number in their order. So in my case, Miami is the city I picked because my missing red number was 68 and my missing blue number was 75. The city you pick is your passphrase. As everyone has their unique codes, so it’s better to not overthink it. The patterns are very easy to solve once you isolate the two different colored numbers groups.

Figuring Out The Code

This part of the puzzle is very easy. After you have the passphrase, go and take a look at the newspaper, and you will find some highlighted letters on it. The letters will be spelled out as the name of one of the cities which are listed on the Number Station Broadcast. In my case it spelled out New York City so after that I went back to the Number Station Broadcast and find this city on the list and then I remembered the four numbers tied to it because those four numbers will be your floppy disk’s code. Everything else in the newspaper and the other stations doesn’t matter at all.

Once you get your passphrase and the four numbers, just start decrypting the floppy disk by putting in your unique code and passphrase in order to get access to the new mission, Operation Chaos.

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