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Black Ops Cold War Error Code 887a0005 and How To Fix It

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is amazing, but some issues came along with its release, and one of those issues is error code 887a0005. Fixing this error is a little bit tricky but it’s not that much difficult. In this guide, we have come along with several working fixes that will help you to go back to the field right away.

How To Fix Black Ops Cold War Error Code 887a0005

We have found some fixes for you, but you don’t have to try them all. Just take a look at all the fixes and find the one that works for you.

Scan and Repair game files

The error code 887a0005 could mean that there is an integrity issue with your game files. So to fix it, you will have to scan and repair all the missing and corrupted files.

Here we will tell you how to do that:

  • Go to your Blizzard client and select Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War from the left menu.
  • Then go to options and from the drop-down menu select scan and repair and then wait until the checking finishes.

After following these two steps launch your Black Ops Cold war and see if it crashes again.

If your problem is not solved with this fix, try the next one.

Install all Windows updates.

There is a new update 20H2 released by Microsoft for Windows 10, this update includes some regular security patches and many new features. So we suggest you keep your windows updated, as it will help to avoid many problems.

Here we will tell you how to do that:

  • Press Windows + I button on your keyboard together to open the Windows Settings app. Then click Update & Security.
  • Then Click Check for Updates, the download will begin, and then it will update your windows.

Note: Repeat this process until the prompt show that “ You are Up-to-date”

After following these two steps restart your pc and then start Black Ops Cold War and see if it crashes or not.

If this fix doesn’t help you to solve your problem, try the next one.

Update Your Graphics Driver.

A faulty or outdated graphics driver is one of the most common reasons for this error. If you haven’t updated your Graphics driver for a long time, do it now

Update your GPU drivers because it is very important like system updates. New Graphic drivers are released in response to the fast-changing game market. You have to make sure that your graphics driver is up to date if you want to fully experience a new AAA title.

Note: There is a new Graphic driver update released by both Nvidia and AMD that is optimized for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

You can update your graphic cards manually or automatically.

Try to Disable HAGs (GeForce 10 series or later/Radeon 5600 or 5700 series)

Microsoft introduced a new feature called Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling in the 2004 version of Windows 10. This feature improves application performance. To get this feature you must have the latest 2004 Windows version, a GeForce 10 series or later, Radeon 5600 or 5700 series graphic card along with the latest GPU driver.

But some veterans say that HAGs is possibly the reason that creates the 887a0005 error code. So just disable HAGs and see what happens:

Here we will tell you how to do that:

  • Do right-click in the empty area of your desktop and select Display settings.
  • Then Select Graphic settings.
  • Then click the Change graphic default settings under the Default Settings.
  • Turn off the Hardware-Accelerated GPU scheduling.

After completing all these steps, Start your game and see if the problem is solved or not.

If this fix doesn’t solve your problem, try the next one.

Try to Disable in-game Ray Tracing

One of the reasons this error occurs is when your GPU is overloaded.

As COD: Black Ops Cold War is a new title, and it still has room for improvements. According to some gamers that ray tracing can be unstable on Black Ops Cold War. So just disable this feature and see if the error code disappears.

Here we tell you how to do that:

  • Launch Black Ops Cold War and Open Settings.
  • Go to the Graphics tab, then disable all the three options under the Ray Tracing section.
  • Restart the game and test the gameplay.

So these are all the fixes you can try to resolve the error code 887a0005 in Black Ops Cold War. we hope that one of these fixes will help you to stop the crash so that you can enjoy the game peacefully.

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