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Biomutant: How To Upgrade Mekton

Biomuant players can mount Mekton which can also be upgraded by finding Mekton Wrekbox. Here’s how you can upgrade it in the game.

Since the game does a terrible job of telling the player how to upgrade their Mekton, we have written this simple guide to help you figure it out. In reality, this is actually an easier process but it can take some time to figure out.

How To Upgrade Mekton In Biomutant

First, to actually upgrade your Mekton, you will need to find the Mekton Wrekboxes. There are a grand total of 14 of them that you can find in the game.

Once you have located a couple of these boxes at some point in the game, you will notice that when riding a Mekton, there is a new shortcut that features the wrench icon. This can be located at the bottom right corner of the screen. You will need to press this shortcut button (4 on PC) in order to open the upgrade menu.

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After pressing the button, you will gain access to new menu that allows you to pick from the various customization options for your Mekton. These have to be found in the various Mekton Wrekboxes that are located throughout the world of Biomutant.

That’s everything that you need to know about in order to upgrade your Mekton in Biomutant.

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