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Biomutant: All Mekton Wrekbox Locations and How To Find Them

In Biomutant, a “Mekton Wrekbox” is a box containing customization parts for your Mekto, a pilotable mech that can be unlocked by completing two quests: “The Recyclopedian” and “Skronk Salvage.” The content of these boxes isn’t like the other loot chests. Mekton parts will improve the look of your Mekton, instead of improving your stats on your defense. There are a total of 14 boxes that you need to find to customize your Mekton. In this guide, we will tell you where to find all of them and other cool things you can get near each box.

All Biomutant Mekton Wrekbox Locations

There are 14 Mekton Wrekbox locations in total. You can find the first one easily because it is located directly outside of the site where you obtain your Mekton, but the remaining boxes are a little more difficult to find. You will get the location of the boxes inside the game via map markers. You don’t need to collect them in order; you can collect them in any sequence.

  • Box # 1:

Location: The Recyclopedian Quest & Skronk Salvage Quest – Leftovers Mekton Wrekbox

You can find the first Mekton Wrekbox right outside of the Chugyard. First of all, you will have to complete “The Recyclopedian” quest, which requires you to travel to the Chugyard, defeat some enemies, and locate Gizmo. After that, you will get the “Skronk Salvage” quest by him, which will require you to locate your first Mekton Wrekbox.

You will go outside of the Chugyard into the “Deadzone” a low-oxygen zone, to find the first Mekton Wrekbox. You will have to hustle because you can’t survive in the low-oxygen zone for long. Run Outside and to the right into a small cave. This will take you to an apartment complex that does not deplete your oxygen supply. You will see your goal on the second floor: you will have to balance on a tightrope towards a truck, then turn right jump into another building. Grab your first Mekton Wrekbox and you will be on your way to collecting the rest of the boxes.

  • Box # 2:

Location: Munchhouse 6C Mekton Wrekbox

You will find the box out in the open in a diner parking lot. You will have to fight with some enemies before you can get your hands on any loot. Before you leave, make sure to go inside the diner because there’s some good stuff inside.

  • Box # 3:

Location: Citiscenario Mekton Wrekbox

You will find the Citiscenario Mekton Wrekbox in the Deadzone, which means there are no safe places to recover your oxygen. You will have to fight with some enemies in the area, you can deal them in your Mekon, before dismounting and exploring. There’s also a fair amount of loot in the area, in addition to the Mekton Wrekbox. One of the wrecked buildings has a Bioblib Container on top of it; use the awnings on the outside to climb up and claim it for yourself.

  • Box # 4:

Location: Bangshelter 7B C Mekton Wrekbox

You can find this Mekton Wrekbox inside a bomb shelter. Once you are inside, you will have to fight some enemies, but the rest of the building is clear from them. You should definitely explore Bangshelter 7B, as there are no enemies to worry about and you can find excellent loot within the complex.

  • Box # 5:

Location: Brickbrack 7B Mekton Wrekbox

This Mekton Wrekbox location is a little different than others, for this Wrekbox you will have to leave your Mekton for an extended period of time. Luckily, this box is not located in a low-oxygen zone, so you won’t have to worry about that. You do, however, have to be concerned about a slew of enemies. There will be a tough fight in front of the building, and there will be even more enemies behind it. Keep an eye out for the enemies behind Brickbrack 7B, as they can easily knock you into the oil and drown you.

Head to the first floor of the building to find the box, after you have secured the area. You must look around this area because in a side room there’s an “Old World Bodyshaper” that can permanently boost your stats. You can also find a good loot in the roof, but to get up there you will have to navigate a jumping puzzle. In the surrounding area, you can find other interesting things. A town and a Pewpew Merchant can be found at the southeast of the location, as shown on the map; you can also find a Biopoint in some trash piles in the area.

  • Box # 6:

Location: Shopperia 7A Mekton Wrekbox

You can find this Mekton Wrekbox on the upper plateau outside of the Deadzone, so you will have to go on foot. There will be a miniboss fight in the immediate area, as well as some loot on the first floor of a nearby building, but this is a fairly simple choice. You also must head west to a different Citiscenario to find some enemies and loot.

  • Box # 7:

Location: Holesome Mekton Wrekbox

The location of this Mekton Wrekbox is a difficult one. It’s basically underground, but the map marker will show it aboveground. You can get this box in two different ways:

  • Getting the Holesome Mekton Wrekbox from the Surface:

Look for a ruined building with an elevator in “Plank-Place.” This will take you into Holesome. Work your way down to the basement, looting and moving along the way. You will find the Holesome Mekton Wrekbox in the large open area. You can also get some good loot by opening the side door and searching the trash nearby.

  • Getting the Holesome Mekton Wrekbox from underground:

You will find the Mekton Wrekbox in the large open area. Look through the trash cans in the area and open the side door to get some good loot. Then go upstairs and you will get some loot along the way. Use the Elevator to go up to the surface near the Plank-Place.

  • Box # 8:

Location: The Grottu Mekton Wrekbox

The Grottu Mekton Wrekbox location is also difficult to find because it’s also underground same as the Holesome Wrekbox. The cave can be entered from with either the north or south. Inside, you will find some particularly tough Level 15 enemies as well as some loot; and you will find the Mekton Wrekbox at the back of the cave.

  • Box # 9:

Location: Bionucleus 8C Mekton Wrekbox

You can find this Mekton Wrekbox on an open road. The entire area is irradiated, so it will be a little bit difficult to get it because as the radiation builds up, your health will slowly deteriorate. Don’t try to get this box, if you don’t have radiation protection or a few health-restoring items with you. From the outside, go to the Mekton dock north of Bionucleus 8C, climb up, and quickly run past the enemies that spawn there. The Mekton Wrekbox can be found at the red and blue dot on the map.

  • Box # 10:

Location: Bionucleus 8C Mekton Wrekbox

This Mekton Wrekbox is hidden in some ruins to the east of Bionucleus 8C, and you can find it at the red and blue dot on the minimap. In this area, there’s only one thing worth mentioning: a truck that requires an upgraded Klawbar to open. If you try to open the truck, the quest will start if you haven’t already completed it.

  • Box # 11:

Location: Brickbrack 7C  Mekton Wrekbox

The location of this Wrekbox is quite simple, you can find it inside the building. There isn’t any other noteworthy loot in the immediate vicinity.

  • Box # 12:

Location: Shop-Shop 8B Mekton Wrekbox

The location of this Mekton Wrekbox is the most difficult as compared to the other ones. There aren’t any major environmental hazards, but you will have to fight a veritable army of enemies in the parking lot. Outback, there’s a smaller group of enemies. Head to the first and second floors of the building for some cool loot after defeating all of them.

  • Box # 13:

Location: Pokburr Mekton Wrekbox

To get this Wrekbox, you will have to go to the Surfipelago region, which is on the opposite side of the map. If it’s your visit to the Pokburr village, you will be astonished to find out that the village is under attack. You will find this box in the southeast of the Pokburr village. You can start the “It Takes a village” quest right here, or you can head southeast to get the box and then return to complete the quest. You can also score a new mount by completing the “Meat Eater” quest in this area. You will have to fight the same creature that murdered your mother. You won’t be able to defeat it right away, but if you win, you will get a pretty cool mount.

  • Box # 14

Location:  Fluff Hulk Nest Mekton Wrekbox

You will find this Merkbox also in the Surfipelago region. Along the way, you will pass through Tribe FalloutLine 3E, where a major battle is taking place; you can choose to assist your allies or ignore it entirely. Your final destination may pit you against a Fluff Hulk; if you defeat it, you will receive Monster Key 3E for the Old World Storages quest.

That’s everything you need to know about the locations of all the Mekton Wrekbox in Biomutant.

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