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Biomutant: How To Solve Every Puzzle Including Box, Cable, and Circuit Board

In Biomutant, players will come across a variety of different puzzles as they go through its storyline. Players will have to solve these puzzles to do a few different things. Such as unlocking new passageways, looting, triggering an event, and so on. Players will have to solve each puzzle in a certain amount of moves. It depends on the players’ Intellect stat that in how many moves they solve the puzzle. There are no negative implications if you fail to solve a puzzle in Biomutant. In this guide, we will tell you how to solve these puzzles in Biomutant.

How To Solve Every Biomutant Puzzle

After you come across your first puzzle, a small tutorial option shows on the left side of the screen. Make a mental note of the controls you will need to get around the challenge. In Biomutant, players will encounter three different types of puzzles. Below we have provided a brief overview of these puzzles:

  • Rotation Puzzle:

The easiest type of these puzzles is the rotation puzzle. Players will have to rotate the nodes so that the same colors align with each other to solve it. However, players can easily make a mistake due to the limited amount of moves available. If you are having an issue solving a rotation puzzle, check our rotation puzzle guide.

  • Circuit Board:

This type of puzzle can be a little perplexing for the players, and many players will most likely use the ‘Trial and Error’ method to complete it. Players will have to switch the diodes in such a way that all of them turn green to solve this puzzle. The important thing to keep in mind is that toggling one will change the color of the subsequent one as well.

  • Cables:

Players will have to match the value at the bottom of the screen with the value at the top to solve this puzzle and to do that players will have to connect three to the board’s various ports. It’s vital to note that each port has different values (shown at the top/bottom of the port) that might be positive or negative. It’s critical to fully inspect a port and record the final result after calculations. For example, if a port has an ‘X on top and ‘XX’ on the bottom, the port’s total value is ‘XXX’.

That’s everything you need to know about the different variety of puzzles you will come across in Biomutant.

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