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Biomutant Rotation Puzzle: How To Solve First Puzzle

In Biomutant players will come across several rotation puzzles while exploring its universe. Although these puzzles are of different types, however, solving them isn’t much difficult. All of them can be solved in the same way. In this guide, we will tell you how to solve the correct way to solve these puzzles, so that you can solve all of the rotation puzzles in Biomutant.

How To Solve Biomutant Rotation Puzzle

In this new open-world RPG, every rotation puzzle is made up of a set of moveable objects, each of which is labeled with either white or orange markers, or a mixture of both. On each puzzle, there are also unmoveable white and orange markers, and players will have to adjust the movable objects in such a position that similar colors are next to one another (using the inputs that appear at the bottom of the screen). Although it may be sound a little bit confusing initially, below we will tell you more briefly so that you can solve it more easily.

For example, in a puzzle, there are three immovable marks: white and orange in the upper left corner, and a single orange in the lower right corner. Players will have to simply move the top-right dial so that its white mark points left, the middle dial so that its orange mark points up, and the bottom dial so that its orange mark points down to solve the puzzle. With the dials in such place places, the puzzle will be completed with white marks next to white ones and orange marks next to orange ones.

One other thing you must know about the rotation puzzles is that you will have to complete each rotation puzzle in a certain amount of moves, which is linked to Biomutant’s intellect characteristics. Indeed, boosting a character’s Intellect allows them to make more moves, which makes the puzzles easier to solve. However, the players will be able to solve a puzzle in 10 moves or fewer, if they put some effort into it.

That’s everything you need to know about how to solve a rotation puzzle in Biomutant.

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