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UFC 4 Update 7.01 Details

EA Sports UFC 4 has been updated to version 7.01 today on January 22. The patch notes for this update can be seen below.

The size of this update is just under 2 GB on PS4 and Xbox One. While the patch notes don’t detail much, some of the changes that were mentioned for the previous UFC 4 update 7.0 weren’t included in that patch, and according to user reports, they have been finally added with the update today.

UFC 4 Update 7.01 Patch Notes

  • General fixes

Here are the patch notes for UFC 4 update 7.0 which launched earlier this week.

Major Updates:
– Added 2 new fighters:
Conor McGregor from UFC 178 added to Featherweight
Jiri Prochazka to Light Heavyweight
– Added Jessica Andrade to Flyweight and Bantamweight divisions
– Unlocked Andre Bishop and Isaac Frost in Heavyweight
– Fixed Event & Tournament Mode CAF scaling issues and mismatched Ratings & AI

Gameplay Updates:
– Added calf kicks to all fighters
– Add new set of standup blocking animations and polished the old set
– Fixed an issue with attribute information displayed for a few archetypes
– Fixed an exploit in Limb Submissions for the attacker. Tuned penalties for rapid movement
– Allowed Body Side Kicks to track walking to one side
– Tuned stamina recovery to be slower when stamina is high
– Tuned strike stamina costs between weight divisions
– Slightly decreased permanent body damage
– Slightly decreased block breakdown
– Single and Low single bails now require stamina advantage
– Fixed an issue where Submissions were finishing before progress bar had completed
– Reduced damage of Clinch Rear Knees
– Tuned recovery of the resistance to health events between rounds
– Disabled stamina cost for wizzer escape
– Attacker can cancel their submission pressing R1 and L1 together
– Increased the effect of Submission Defense rating for defender
– Submission strength tuning
– Crucifix strike damage has been reduced
– Reduced number of leg health events before TKO
– Decreased the effect of the Cardio Attribute on starting stamina
– Made plodding footwork stamina threshold more dynamic, based on footwork and leg health
– Increased the clinch back takes stamina cost
– Made special backwards leg lunge mitigate leg damage, instead of increasing it
– Tuned custom fighter AI tendencies
– Lowered frequency with which the AI intercepts takedowns with strikes
– Fixed bug in AI takedown feints reducing actual takedown frequency
– Added ability for AI to execute imanari rolls

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