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Tropico 6 Update 11.00 Details

Tropico 6 has been updated to version 11.00 adding four new sandbox maps and much more. You can find the complete details on the patch notes here.

This update is packed with improvements, the ‘La Misteriosa Palmera‘ Update brings with it 4 new sandbox maps as well as balancing changes and various bug fixes.

Tropico 6 Update 11.00 Patch Notes


  • Added new sandbox maps:
    La Palmera, Colinas Misteriosas, El Monstruo, Seis Reyes De Cabeza
  • [Origin] Added Brazilian Portuguese language support
  • Game no longer overwrites all autosaves while in pause mode
  • Docks and Airports can now be relocated, as long as the arrival time for the next vessel is longer than 2 months away

Community feedback

  • [Lobbyistico] Balancing changes — The impact of corruption has been reduced by approx. 1/3
  • DLC soundtracks have a higher probability of playing
  • It is now possible to complete objectives such as “place a building near embassy” by relocating buildings

Bug fixes

  • [Lobbyistico] Normal parks from the DLC are no longer unique
  • Fixed an issue where guard towers did not attack rebels
  • Fixed an issue where defence priority cannot be set during rebel attacks
  • Fixed an issue where tourists did not leave the island after undergoing “the way of the blue pill” treatment in the asylum
  • Fixed an unfulfillable objective to construct a landing in chapter IV of the tutorial
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed erratic rebel behaviour
  • Fixed an issue where Tropicans can get stuck in docks
  • Fixed an issue where kids would not take their parents’ names if they were originally immigrants
  • Fixed an issue where area affects did not properly apply after relocating a building
  • Fixed an issue where the efficiency of Ranches would not update after relocating
  • Fixed an issue where billboards where not properly shown after relocating
  • Fixed further cases of issue where duplicate buildings would not properly align to grid
  • Plantations now correctly show resource selection screen after duplicating
  • Fixed an issue where duplication and relocation of media buildings resulted in wrong work mode
  • Fixed an issue where Newspaper effect was still active in pause mode
  • Removed pause option from bus stops and garbage dump due to unwanted side effects
  • Fixed an issue where docks without road connections still received goods
  • Fixed an issue where the Research Lab’s “Invest Knowledge” work mode did not improve the efficiency of offices
  • Fixed road placement issue around the Palace and Conventillo
  • Fixed an issue where no overlay was shown during placement of Space Memorial and El Prez sign
  • Fixed several crashes
  • Fixed several translation and text issues
  • Fixed a few graphical glitches
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