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Trials of Mana Update 1.11 Details

Trials of Mana has been updated to version 1.11 by Square Enix. This update implements minor bug fixes as seen with the patch notes.

The last major patch for Trials of Mana added tons of new features. This has led to some minor bugs being introduced as well, which are fixed now with an update today.

Trials of Mana Update 1.11 Patch Notes

  • Minor bugs fixed.

Here are the patch notes for the last update.

“No Future” difficulty added:

  • Enemies and bosses are much harder to defeat.
  • Only selectable when starting a New Game Plus and reverting back to level 1.
  • Certain abilities are unavailable.
  • Number of items available during battle is reduced to 3.
  • Time limits on boss battles.
  • Length of time the attack range is displayed is reduced for some bosses.
  • Rainbow Item Seeds may yield stronger versions of the same gear obtainable in other difficulties.
  • 2 new Chain Abilities added.

Additional features:

  • “Expert” difficulty added when starting a New Game Plus.
  • Switching classes animation and credits are now skippable.
  • You will be able to access the costumes you have unlocked after resetting your class or restarting on New Game Plus. (*Only applicable to costumes of classes switched to after the update. They can be changed after your first class switch.)
  • You can choose to revert to level 1 when starting a New Game Plus.
  • New goddess statues added to the map.

Other minor bugs fixed.

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