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The Long Dark Update 1.94 Patch Details

The Long Dark update 1.94 is available to download now on PC and consoles. The full patch notes for this update can be seen here.

This patch introduces a number of general fixes to the game. Other changes include tweaks to the challenge mode, improvements to the user interface, and other misc bug fixes. The full patch notes for The Long Dark 1.94 update can be seen below.

The Long Dark Update 1.94 Patch Notes


  • [General] Fixed a systemic issue when tracking time that caused tracked time in Challenges and the Journal screen to be incorrect.
  • [Gameplay] Fixed an issue where liquids would not become “Burnt Dry”, when being cooked for too long.
  • [Gameplay] The Rifle will now no longer lose the weight of a loaded cartridge, after transitioning.
  • [Gameplay] Fixed a rare issue that could cause a Players keyboard controls to become unresponsive, for no obvious reason.
  • [Audio] Cans and Pots now play sound effects when placed onto a cooking slot, as intended.
  • [Audio] Fixed an issue that prevented Players from starting Episode 1, if their Master or Voice volume was set to 0.
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  • [Enviro] Fixed several rough geometry locations found in the Crumbling Highway that could hinder the Player’s movement.
  • [Enviro] The Wolf’s Jaw Overlook Polaroid location is no longer blocked by terrain.


  • [UI] Fixed alignment of the carcass interaction trigger to better align with the center of the model.
  • [UI] Fixed an issue that caused the Technical Pack’s item description to disappear after a transition to a new area.
  • [UI] Implemented a check in the Journal to try and recover lost Survival mode stats. Note this can not recover data from deleted saves, but will try to recover the best values available.
  • [UI] Added missing Darkwalker translations.
  • [UI] Menus will now correctly remember the last selected item, when returning from a sub-menu.
  • [Map] Filters no longer reset when navigating away from the Journal page.


  • [EP 3] Removed “Pass Time” as an option when the Player is unable to pass time due to narrative events.
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  • [Nomad]  Fixed an issue that caused the Players Journal to appear empty, when first starting the challenge.
  • [Nomad] Fixed an issue that caused Nomad to only track half the time spent at a location.

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