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Spelunky 2 Update 1.17 Details

Spelunky 2 has been updated to version 1.17 on PC and PS4. Here are the complete patch notes revealing the various bug fixes.

There are a lot of fixes included in this week’s Spelunky 2 update as expected. You can have a complete overview of the full changes below.

Spelunky 2 Update 1.17 Patch Notes

Following changes have been done:
* Fixed issue where certain items where being detached from elevators, falling platforms, etc.
* Added a new hazard in certain special zones
* Hidden easter egg somewhere
* The second jump of Vlad’s cape can now be shortened if the player releases the jump button
* Prevented players from pushing blocks while they’re entering a door, making players fall through the level
* Prevented jetpack from remaining enabled when the player dies or loses consciousness
* Reduced treasure hitboxes slightly so they should be easier to dodge for no-gold runs
* Prevented gold bars from going through shields right after splitting
* Fixed Hired Hands’ stomps to small monsters
* Prevented Hired Hands from picking up stored items in a certain room
* Prevented Hired Hands from trying to pick up underlava entities
* Added lava and lasers detection in Hired Hands’ wander state
* Improved Hired Hands’ shield handling so they will try not to crush players nor other Hired Hands
* Prevented shields from moving floor embedded entities
* Shields now protect horizontally against thorn vines
* Fixed shield position after crossing a layer door
* Fixed issue where pushblocks were sometimes crushing other pushblocks
* Prevented monkeys and leprechauns from attaching to the player just after crossing a door
* Prevented equipables from being affected by the lava if the player is crossing a door
* Fixed held entities’ depth on shooting too quickly while climbing
* Fixed input configuration update which was setting all input actions to UP
* Spring traps will now break cookfires
* The Udjat Eye’s chest key should no longer appear inside the vault
* Improved Madame Tusk’s shop chances to spawn
* Fixed issue where certain back layer flipped rooms weren’t being tagged as such, making certain traps or monsters not spawn or rotate properly
* Prevented Jiang-shi and assassin Jiang-shi from getting stuck on a one-tile tight corridor
* Prevented sword-like weapons from directly exploding mechs and fire frogs on killing them
* Fixed issue where floor-embedded equipables could be set on fire by nearby lava
* Fixed issue where pot of golds could be brought between levels
* Reviving and skipping the tunnel scene now always uses the correct Jump action button
* Fixed issue where equipables couldn’t flip when the wearer was webbed
* Restored red lantern’s soft swaying
* Fixed most used character in the player profile
* Prevented selecting duplicated characters using the quick navigator
* Fixed soft-lock when carrying a golden monkey to the ending scene
* Fixed liquid culling issue
* Improved text font rendering
* Certain textures should now be smoother
* Fixed some journal typos
* Fixed typo in credits
* Fixed translation in the Brazilian language
* Fixed lots of blocked paths
* Added a shop basement/attic room with three treasures in it
* Fixed last frame of eggplant child’s pushing animation
* Fixed journal laser trap sprite which was out of date
* Removed small artifact from firefly sprite

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