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SnowRunner Update 1.23 Patch Details

SnowRunner has been updated to version 1.23 today by Focus Home Interactive. This patch is out for PS4 and fixes some bugs as seen in the patch notes.

The last major patch added content for Season 4. This one is mainly aimed at fixing a blocking bug in the mission “Lift off” of Phase 4 (very late game). This patch is available for PC and Epic Games Store but it will be released for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch at a later date. The PS4 version is available as of now. See the details on this update below.

SnowRunner Update 1.23 Patch Notes

Hard Mode

  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to refuel via fuel stations in co-op
  • Fixed a bug where the amount of fuel to be filled at the ‘Fuel Station’ pop-up did not change when the target of fueling was changed during in ‘Hard Mode’
  • Fixed a bug where unloading zones, player’s balance was not displayed in the loading pop up


  • Fixed a bug where upgrade ‘engageable’ of Differential Lock on International Paystar 5600 TS was available for purchase before finding it on the map ‘Grainwoods River’, Wisconsin
  • Fixed a bug where Twin Tall Wedge-cap Snorkel for Pacific P512 PF did not work properly
  • Improved placement of short logs on ZiKZ 605-R
  • Fixed a bug where some elements of the suspension and wheels mechanisms were not connected to each other on Khan 317 Sentinel
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to attach trailer combined with some of the addons or crane installed on Azov 64131

Other Changes

  • Added an ability to spawn cargo via dev tools on polygon
  • Fixed a bug where road blocking rocks corresponding to certain tasks were not displayed on the navigation map on “Chernokamensk”
  • Fixed a bug where enter garage button disappeared on the minimap if the ‘Contracts’ tab was opened
  • Fixed a bug where the “Lift off” task could not be competed because hangar gates were closed
  • Fixed a bug where the game camera glitched when player entered an enclosed industrial area in “Urska River” map
  • Fixed major desynchronization when loading logs in co-op
  • Fixed a bug where the on-map cargo was trembling for clients in the co-op
  • Fixed a bug where some semitrailers that are attached to the trucks were hovering over its saddle
  • Fixed a bug where the “Ordered fuel” trailer did not respawn after accepting the Belated Delivery contest for the second time
  • Supported permanent disabling of crane hints via the settings menu
  • Fixed a bug where cargo container on a map turned black after game restart
  • Fixed a bug where the “Turn on the engine on winched Truck” hint stayed on a screen after the trailer with the winched vehicle was detached
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