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Snowrunner Update 1.19 Details

Snowrunner update version 1.19 was released today on February 11 by Focus Interactive. The patch notes for this update can be seen below.

Snowrunner Season Pass owners can enjoy season 3 with the release of the latest update. This update will add some new content for free as well so even if you don’t have a season pass, you can still grab the new additions.

Season 3 is called Locate and Deliver. It brings two new maps in a new region, three new vehicles, three vehicle skins, new stickers, and much more.

Snowrunner Update 1.19 Patch Notes

  • Various bug fixes and improvements
  • New trials, cargo, and missions
  • Various cosmetic upgrades
  • Start of Season 3: Locate and Deliver

Here is the official description for Season 3.

Wisconsin, USA debuts as part of Season 3, with a logging-heavy new region. Gear up in the new vehicles and get ready to explore these heavily forested, near-flooded zones with massive rivers and treacherous terrain everywhere you look. A massive amount of new gameplay awaits, harkening back to the log-filled roots of the franchise while players rehabilitate a broken-down railway as part of efforts in the new region.

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