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Snowrunner Update 1.17 Details

Snowrunner has been updated to version 1.17 today on January 18. This patch brings in a number of fixes as seen in the patch notes.

The fixes implemented in this update include various bug fixes in addition to issues with mod support on consoles. The full details on this new update can be read below.

Snowrunner Update 1.17 Patch Notes

Patch 11.1 (Xbox One only)

  • Fixed a bug where the title entered an indefinite unresponsive state after changing user in the Mod Browser
  • Removed “Guides” option on consoles mod browser

Patch 11.2 (PS4 and PC)

  • Fixed a bug where trucks that were placed on a Big Salmon Peak disappeared after an update. (Unfortunately it is not possible to restore lost vehicles, only prevent the issue from happening again)
  • Fixed a bug with different cabins counter in description and tracking section


  • Fixed an issue with negative balance resulting from players selling a specific addon equipped on a specific truck mod. Any negative balance is switched to positive in this update
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to download a missing map mod in coop
  • Fixed a bug where once a mod was deleted from console mods, a “missing mod” warning message kept appearing on the game save loading screen
  • Fixed a bug where the “Failed to connect to” message popped up every couple of seconds when using a mod browser in offline mode
  • Disabled achievements for co-op sessions that have mods activated
  • Fixed a bug where players could be unsubscribed from a mod without approval
  • Fixed a bug where console mods which obtained the “not approved” status, remained subscribed and could not be deleted
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