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Secret Neighbor Update 1.01 Patch Details

Secret Neighbor is also coming to the PS4. This was already released for Xbox One and PC. Here are the details and patch notes on the first update.

This is a multiplayer-focused game based on the Hello Neighbor series. It was in early access for a long time and recently got silently uploaded to the PlayStation servers for the PS4 and PS5. The game also has a day one update that is roughly 6.8 GB and might include the size of the game itself.

Here are the patch notes for the Secret Neighbor update 1.01.

Secret Neighbor Update 1.01 Patch Notes


  • Audio bug fix (Severe audio distortion during gameplay)
  • User experience improvements and minor polishing
  • Shop experience improvements
  • New cosmetics, new levels decorations
  • Major visual improvements
  • UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes
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