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PUBG Update 1.59 Patch 10.1 Details

PUBG has been updated to version 1.59 today adding content released in patch 10.1 on PS4 and Xbox One. Here are the complete patch notes.

PUBG players can enjoy a new map with this update. Haven is an industrial island in the rust belt of America and playable in the game after the update today. The patch notes are available in detail here while bug fixes are listed below.

PUBG Update 1.59 Patch Notes 10.1

Bug fix

  • Fixed the incorrect location of the category text in Settings menu.
  • Unusual Dirt Bike animations have been fixed.
  • A number of bug fixes have been made on Sanhok.
  • Fixed the issue where the name “Dacia” was displayed in both English and Chinese at the same time under CUSTOMIZE → VEHICLE → CATEGORY.
  • Fixed the issue where abnormal text was displayed in the preview of G-Coin Black Friday items.
  • Fixed the issue where bare footstep sounds where played when wearing Sadiya’s Wedding Dress / Sadiya’s Battle Suit.
  • Rolled back the FPP camera’s point of view from its change since update 9.2.
  • Fixed the issue where the player’s nickname wasn’t displayed when driving in spectating mode.
  • Fixed the issue where the sound of the purchase button was played even when selecting the cancel button in the purchase popup.
  • Fixed the issue of certain vehicles being able to give damage to characters by crashing into buildings when the characters are standing behind the doors.
  • Fixed the issue of opponents with weapons showing abnormally depending on the distance.
  • Fixed the intermittent crashing issue related to Driver shooting.
  • Fixed the issue where you can shoot through a vehicle’s frame while Driver Shooting.
  • Fixed the issue where the custom match settings are reset when another player performs a certain action while changing the custom match settings.
  • Fixed the issue where the character on the upper side of the slope receives damage when they collide with an opponent on the slope.
  • Fixed the wrist clipping issue when a male character wears gloves while wearing the VK Varsity Jacket.
  • Fixed the issue of characters’ left arm bending when wearing a certain jacket.
  • Fixed the issue where the character is zoomed in the customize preview when accessing the menu after zooming-in in the weapon preview screen.
  • Fixed the issue where items spawned in certain buildings in Sanhok couldn’t be picked up.
  • Fixed the issue where items spawned in Paradise Resort of Sanhok couldn’t be picked up.
  • Fixed the display issue when zooming-in to weapon skins.
  • Fixed an issue causing footsteps to be heard without other players being around.
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