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Planet Coaster Update 1.16 Patch 1.5.3 Details

Planet Coaster has been updated to version 1.16 patch 1.5.3 on all consoles. The full patch notes for this update mention some stability fixes as seen below.

This update implements stability fixes related to the console version of Planet Coaster. Some of the changes included in this update relate to the UI as well as achievements for the Xbox consoles. You can have a look at the complete set of patch notes below.

Planet Coaster Update 1.16 Patch Notes 1.5.3


  • Fixed a crash caused by trying to move track editing widgets which have ceased to exist.
  • Fixed a crash caused when trying to add an exit gate to a station which is too small to support one.
  • Fixed an occasional hard lock when there is no space for entrance or exit gates to be placed.
  • Fixed a crash on trying to select the button to pay off a loan twice.
  • Various other rare crash fixes.
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  • Ride info panels now displays the correct “hire mechanic” or “request inspection” button depending on context.


  • Achievements should now be awarded on Xbox platforms even if they were originally achieved offline.