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Planet Coaster Update 1.10 Today On January 8 Details

Planet Coaster has been updated to version 1.10 today on January 8th. The patch notes mention a critical bug fix as part of this update.

Frontier Developments has released a quick update to fix an issue with the game on PS4. This one resolves a problem where loading an existing park with transport rides would crash the game.

Planet Coaster Update 1.10 Patch Notes

Hello again coaster friends!
The team has fixed a critical issue for PS4 players following the last patch. Here is the changelog for 1.4.0(b):

  • Fixed an issue where loading existing parks that contained transport rides, or placing new transport rides in a park, would cause the game to crash.

Please continue to share your Issue Tracker reports with us, so we can look into any issues you are experiencing.

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