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No Man’s Sky Update 3.40 Patch Details

Hello Games has updated No Man’s Sky to version 3.40 today bringing in new bug fixes. You can find details on this update including patch notes here.

Hello Games has continued to patch the game with new content and bug fixes. The last major patch was titled Expeditions. It brought a new way to play through the game. In Expeditions, each of the events starts from a fixed point in the universe, bringing the whole community of travelers together to embark on a shared journey. Each expedition is structured around a series of Milestones. Complete them to see unique exploration goals in any order as you earn rewards, meet up with fellow travelers, and experiment with new ways of playing No Man’s Sky.

Get the complete patch notes for this update below.

No Man’s Sky Update 3.40 Patch Notes

  • The second Expedition, Beachhead, begins today. We hope you enjoy the surprises it has in store.
  • Added a new class of procedural upgrade module for the starship Launch Thrusters.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect text labels on Communications Stations.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Exosuit boot sequence from playing correctly in Expeditions mode.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause asteroids to intersect with player fleets.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed secondary ships to be summoned when they were out of fuel.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some UI screens to be positioned incorrectly when using an ultrawide monitor.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect camera positioning while interacting with a number of objects.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a number of Quicksilver titles from unlocking in Creative Mode.
  • Fixed an exploit that could allow players to bypass protections against building in other player’s bases.
  • Fixed a crash related to terrain tesselation.
  • Fixed a crash related to saving base data.
  • Fixed an Xbox-specific crash related to memory management.

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