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Nioh 2 Update 01.025.001 Details

Team Ninja has shared the details on Nioh 2 update 01.025.001 which was released today. The patch notes can be seen here.

The complete edition of the game has just launched for the PS5 and supports 120 FPS mode. It was apparently leading to the game crashing and application errors which should be resolved now. Other fixes include Activity Cards that weren’t being activated correctly at certain times.

The complete patch notes for this update can be read below.

Nioh 2 Update 01.025.001 Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused application errors to occur during screen transitions while in 120fps mode
  • Fixed an issue that could cause noise to appear when displaying characters during certain operations
  • Fixed an issue where the “Bold Wrangler” trophy was only attainable on “Dream of the Samurai”
  • Reduced the tendency for the game to run slowly when certain attacks hit the walls while in 120fps mode
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Activity Cards from being activated correctly at certain times

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