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Monster Hunter World Update 15.11 Today On January 6 Details

Monster Hunter World has been updated to version 15.11 implementing a minor bug fix with the game as seen in the patch notes.

According to the official patch notes that were shared by Capcom, there was a minor bug with the game failing to keep requests at the resource center in offline mode. This has been resolved with the new Monster Hunter World Iceborne update.

Monster Hunter World Update 15.11 Patch Notes

  • We’ve fixed an issue from Ver. 15.10 / in which delivery requests would disappear from the list at the Resource Center when playing with your console in offline mode, preventing you from being able to complete the request.

    If you have experienced this bug, playing in online mode will restore the requests to your list.
    Once you have applied Ver. 15.11 /, delivery requests will no longer disappear even in offline mode.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

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