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Metal Gear Solid V and Definitive Experience Update Today On March 23 Details

Konami has updated Metal Gear Solid V and Definitive Experience today on March 23. Here’s what is included in this update.

As far as we can tell, this is a stability update for the game that doesn’t appear to offer any major changes or improvements. The download size of this update is around 200 to 400 MB depending on your platform.

Metal Gear Solid V Update 1.22 Patch Notes

Stability Improvements

Konami has a tendency to release these updates after a server maintenance. The same is the case with all of the updates that have been released for MGSV so far including the one that was available to download today.

The reason most of the game updates tend to catch the attention of fans is because of the chance that they might include support for the current generation consoles, but this hasn’t been the case so far. Konami hasn’t announced any plans to release such an update for the game either so it is highly unlikely they will just drop it silently.