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Lonely Mountains: Downhill Update 1.09 Details

Lonely Mountains: Downhill has been updated to version 1.09. This patch brings in fixes for some bugs and more as mentioned in the patch notes.

A couple of minor fixes are implemented in the Lonely Mountains: Downhill 1.09 update as seen in the patch notes.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill Update 1.09 Patch Notes

  • Fixed overlapping buttons after DLC purchase.
  • Removed requirement for application restart to enable DLC content.

Here are the patch notes for the previous update.

  • New Feature: Daily Rides! Compete for the top of the daily leaderboards on a randomly selected trail – spiked with new obstacles and shortcuts. Unlock festive clothing in the 1st season to be ready for our upcoming first anniversary!
  • New Eldfjall Island DLC is now available: Pack your raincoat and bring your beloved bike to the volcanic island of Eldfjall the largest Lonely Mountain yet.
  • New Languages: Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Bugfix: ‚Äúride it like you stole it” achievement is now based on correctly converted units
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug which marks freeride category as not-unlockable as the bike-requirement isn’t fulfilled.
  • Feature Change: Increase trigger distance above ground for hidden locations to 5m to make it more comparable to release version
  • Feature Change: Crashes are not displayed anymore for Freeride.
  • Bugfix: Fixed rare unresponsive game state when restarting from crash and instantly crashing again (by hitting the crash button).
  • Bugfix: Fixed slightly decreasing performance over longer play sessions
  • Several minor bug fixes and general optimizations

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