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Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.09 Details

Horizon Zero Dawn has been updated to version 1.09 by Guerrilla Games implementing a number of bug fixes for the game on PC.

This patch introduces a number of bug fixes for the game including crashes and performance improvements. This can be read in detail with the patch notes given below.

Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.09 Patch Notes

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching resolutions
  • Fixed a crash that occurred during the cutscene during main quest “The Face of Extinction” after objective “Defend The Ridge”
  • Fixed a cause of GPU hangs on certain combinations of GPU/driver/memory

Performance Improvements

  • Improved the automatic Shader Optimization step in the menu – The optimization step message should now show less frequently on mid-/higher spec machines (please note you are also able to skip it on most machines!)
  • Added a VRAM Gauge that indicates amount of VRAM available and used, to help you optimize graphical settings for your hardware
  • Fixed RenderTarget aliasing, which reduces VRAM usage which may improve performance, texture quality and model quality
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Graphical Improvements

  • Fixed HDR looking washed out on certain HDR configurations
  • Fixed Depth Buffer Copies which should fix multiple graphical glitches
  • Fixed graphical glitches due to RenderTarget aliasing not working correctly
  • Fixed that fog turned off when you turn off shadows in graphical settings
  • Fixed plant simulation at frame rates higher than 30FPS

Gameplay Improvements

  • Fixed that holding W when looting no longer stops registering other keys until release


  • Fixed several warning message localization issues on Windows
  • Improved the benchmark results screen

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