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Helldivers Update 7.03 Details

Helldivers update 7.03 was released by Arrowhead Game Studios. This new patch has implemented several bug fixes as seen in the patch notes.

Arrowhead Game Studios is updating Helldivers with a new patch that implements a number of fixes. In addition to bug fixes, some additional changes have been made to the game as seen in the Helldivers 7.03 update patch notes below.

Helldivers Update 7.03 Patch Notes

  • Liberty Day is finally here once again! New ways of spreading managed democracy, a swifter way of changing gear between missions and much more. Liberty for all!

New content:

  • Added Proving Grounds. A new game mode where Helldivers can hone their skills by completing unique replayable challenges.
  • Added Favorite Loadouts.
  • Added Random Loadouts.


  • City Defend Events now have difficulty 15 missions available as well.
  • Fixed an issue causing the M-25 ‘Rumbler’ to get infinite ammo from forced quick reloads.


  • It is now possible to skip the Galactic War Summary.
  • The AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement shells now do damage to the Emplacement if firing at close range targets.
  • AD-289 ‘Angel’ and AD-334 ‘Guard Dog’ will return to backpack to rearm if left idle for a while.
  • Increased damage and fire rate for AC-22 ‘Dum-Dum’.
  • FLAM-40 ‘Incinerator’ now leaves swaths of fire in its wake.
  • Strong Arm now increases melee damage as well.
  • Various Bug Fixes